Riverfront Greenway

Once completed, The Riverfront Greenway will form a continuous multi-use trail connection from Maxwell Air Force Base to the west all the way to the Shady Street Park to the northeast, with Montgomery Whitewater, Wright Brothers Park, EAT South, Riverfront Park, and Riverwalk Stadium along the way. Major sections of this 2.5 mile greenway already exist, while three new sections are either planned or under construction.

Currently you can enjoy a 2 mile urban+ riverfront trail loop that connects the major sites by using the existing trail in Riverfront Park as well as sidewalks along Maxwell Boulevard.  The Riverfront Loop was designed to help folks explore the interconnected destinations along the River’s edge, including EAT South Urban Farm and the Wright’s Bros Park. This upper level park is well shaded, and includes a small playground and picnic shelter, lovely overlooks and great public art along the way. Looping back through the edge of downtown, this pathway is perfect for a stroll, run or even race as the Joy To Life group has done for its annual fundraisers. Click HERE for a map and details