River Region Trails Releases Impact Report

River Region Trails is excited to release our Economic, Health, Environmental, and Transportation impact study! Over the past year our organization has been working with ALTA Planning + Design on a Master Plan for a connected trail network in the City of Montgomery. Alta Planning + Design is an active transportation company dedicated to creating active, healthy communities through planning, landscape architecture, engineering, and education/encouragement programs. We completed phase 1 of that plan which included the studies as well as stakeholder meetings with key partners from the City of Montgomery, Montgomery County Commission, local businesses, and community organizations.


The River Region Trails Project envisions a connected, 85-mile trail network in the City of Montgomery. Trails will serve as ribbons of equity, commerce, culture, community, tourism, and nature that connect people to each other and their environment. Trails will connect families, neighborhoods, downtown, schools, colleges, natural resources, historic sites, retail centers, employment centers, and entertainment. When complete, the City of Montgomery will experience $18.3 million in annual transportation, health, environmental, and economic benefits according to the report which can be read HERE.


This study proves the need for a connected trail network in Montgomery. Our next step is to complete the master planning process so we can take the trail network from concept to design and shovel ready projects that will improve the pedestrian experience for citizens and visitors! To learn more information about the master planning process or ways you can support our efforts sign up for our newsletter on our website.