Pop-Up Trail Coming to Cloverdale

A pop-up trail is coming to the Old Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery on October 8th!

River Region Trails was awarded AARP’s 2021 Community Challenge Grant to create a pop-up pedestrian trail in Montgomery. The AARP Community Challenge grant program is intended to help communities make immediate improvements and jump-start long-term progress in support of residents of all ages. A Pop-up Trail is a temporary mobility solution that can be used to test new strategies for pedestrian traffic. They are also used to prove the need for better pedestrian infrastructure in neighborhoods and retail districts.

The Cloverdale pop-up trail will include marked, separated lanes along College Street and Cloverdale Road that will allow pedestrians to safely share the roads with vehicle traffic. The pedestrians’ path will be separated by cones and painted lanes so users can safely enjoy walking, running, and biking. Using existing sidewalks on Fairview Avenue and Felder Avenue, users can connect the pop-up lanes to form a 2-mile loop through the neighborhood. Way-finding markers will be added to guide users on the path.

The pop-up trail will kickoff on Saturday October 8th with a launch party at Mary Ann Neeley Park on College Street. The trail will be open from 9th to the 24th of October and will be usable from sunrise to sundown. Follow our Facebook page for updates on the pop-up trail and kickoff party!

Click here for a map of the Cloverdale Pop-up loop: Pop Up Trail Map

To learn more about the AARP Community Challenge grant program click HERE