Master Plan Preview

River Region Trails will be hosting a public preview of the Montgomery area trail master plan on January 18th. This will be a final opportunity for the public to provide input before the plan is finalized. Please plan to attend to see what we have been working on and provide your thoughts. If you cannot attend or would like to preview the full plan ahead of time, please find it HERE.


Adapting to the Pandemic: Finding Safe Outdoor Spaces in a Changed World

River Region Trails is working to increase the awareness of trails and trail development here in Central Alabama while also supporting the work of other trail development organizations. The Rails to Trails Conservancy’s mission is to develop a nationwide network of trails and to reimagine public spaces to create safe ways for everyone to walk, bike and be active outdoors. You can learn more about them here 

This article is part of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s Trail Moments initiative—to elevate new and tried-and-true trail voices around the country, and how trails impact the lives of Americans. You can read the full article on their website by clicking here: 

“This article is part of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s Trail Moments initiative—to elevate new and tried-and-true trail voices around the country, and how trails impact the lives of Americans. Learn more at and #TrailMoments on social media

Our family has visited rail-trails throughout New England and beyond, bringing our adaptive tandem bicycle along so I could explore more than the limited distance I am able to walk (about 2 miles). My right leg and foot are partially paralyzed, so I only take easy walks (not too many roots or rocks, relatively level and with something of interest along the way), using hiking poles to offer support and aid in balance. Nearly 30 years ago, as I lay in a hospital bed with my right side totally paralyzed, I could not imagine that one day I would be writing books about walking. In the intervening years, I have experienced many levels of healing and have written four Easy Walks books.

Finding a tandem bike I could use has been a journey in and of itself, but once we located one I could get on—and stay on—safely, the sky (or at least as far as we were able to drive) has been the limit in exploring rail-trails. Pedaling along on the back of our tandem, I feel like I am flying. What an intoxicating sensation, after feeling so earthbound by the health challenges I have learned to adapt to these past nearly 30 years.

And then, the pandemic. This past year we have all struggled to cope, and keep ourselves safe from the COVID-19 virus. The outdoors became a refuge for many, a place we could feel safer spending time with family and friends. And yet, this reality meant that the most visible trails (especially well-marked rail-trails!) near where we live became overcrowded. Parking lots were jammed, and people unfamiliar with “rules of the road” were unaware of the challenges of combining bikes, kids and adults with dogs on leashes, all in relatively narrow pathways……….”


River Region Trails Releases Impact Report

River Region Trails is excited to release our Economic, Health, Environmental, and Transportation impact study! Over the past year our organization has been working with ALTA Planning + Design on a Master Plan for a connected trail network in the City of Montgomery. Alta Planning + Design is an active transportation company dedicated to creating active, healthy communities through planning, landscape architecture, engineering, and education/encouragement programs. We completed phase 1 of that plan which included the studies as well as stakeholder meetings with key partners from the City of Montgomery, Montgomery County Commission, local businesses, and community organizations.


The River Region Trails Project envisions a connected, 85-mile trail network in the City of Montgomery. Trails will serve as ribbons of equity, commerce, culture, community, tourism, and nature that connect people to each other and their environment. Trails will connect families, neighborhoods, downtown, schools, colleges, natural resources, historic sites, retail centers, employment centers, and entertainment. When complete, the City of Montgomery will experience $18.3 million in annual transportation, health, environmental, and economic benefits according to the report which can be read HERE.


This study proves the need for a connected trail network in Montgomery. Our next step is to complete the master planning process so we can take the trail network from concept to design and shovel ready projects that will improve the pedestrian experience for citizens and visitors! To learn more information about the master planning process or ways you can support our efforts sign up for our newsletter on our website.