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Our Mission

River Region Trails, Inc. is committed to developing a network of pedestrian greenways, parks, and outdoor resources in the River Region. The organization will coordinate the efforts of citizens, corporate partners, and local governments to plan, fund, and develop natural space for public use, which will invariably have a positive impact on community health, quality of life, economic development, transportation, and neighborhood connectivity.

two women power walking together on a recreational trail
recreational trails throughout Montgomery

About the Project

An exciting new project is now underway in the Capital City. River Region Trails is developing a network of recreational trails throughout Montgomery. These trails will join points throughout the city, making safe places to walk, jog and bike.

In phase one, a 30-mile connected loop of pedestrian trail will link downtown to east Montgomery, including many neighborhoods in between. It will follow existing and abandoned rail lines, creek beds, streets and sidewalks with surfaces chosen for the needs of the neighborhoods it touches.

At the same time, we will build a trail system, nature center and boardwalk through the beautiful 260-acre Cypress Nature Preserve near downtown. This will provide opportunities for schoolchildren and other visitors to learn about the park and its inhabitants.

board of directors

Shapard Ashley – President
John Steiner – Vice President
Sandy Coaker – Treasurer
Rashim McKinney
Jud Blount
Trey Hayes
Jody McInnes
Jonathan Avant
Lora McClendon
Sam Wootten
Coleman Beale
David Hill
Don Rickard
Michael Jenkins

recreational trails throughout Montgomery


greenway along a residential neighborhood

Positive Impact on Property Value

Studies show that trails and greenways can typically increase residential urban and suburban property values from 2 to 5 percent.

foot on the pedal of a bike on a trail

Improved Health

Montgomerians will have safe, inexpensive and ready access to nature, with its known mental and physical benefits—including regular exercise.

woman riding a bike on a greenway trail through a city

Economic Development

The trails will help attract and retain businesses by providing workers with a premium city amenity.

handlebars of a bike riding through a trail in a park

Community Health and Wellness

Readily accessible green spaces allow Montgomerians to become more physically active outdoors.

nature trail in a beautiful park

Quality of Life

Safe, interconnected trails provide opportunities for recreation and connections with nature, while engaging the community.

man and woman walking together on a greenway trail in nature

Economic Spark

With a trail system that attracts so many visitors, our entire region benefits, including underserved communities.

man riding his bike to work on a trail through a city

Alternative Transportation

For the first time, Montgomery will be able to offer a wide infrastructure to enable safe walking and biking options across long distances.

man and woman hiking on a nature trail with walking sticks

Tourism and Recruitment

River Region Trails creates even more reasons for people to visit—and stay to live and work—in our communities.

family running together on a trail in nature

Neighborhood Connection

More than simply physically connecting neighborhoods, the new trail system will encourage people to come together as proud citizens.

trees in swamp

Environmental Education

The former Cypress Nature Park will host a dedicated nature center and boardwalk, allowing visitors to learn about our local ecosystem.

What’s New Get the Word Out on the Trails

Celebrate Trails Day – April 23

Mark your calendars for Celebrate Trails Day—Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s annual springtime celebration of America’s trails—on Saturday, April 23. We’re planning to celebrate by giving tours of the future Cypress Nature Park, which will soon be home to a new educational trail system. The tours will be hosted at 10 AM and 1 PM on Saturday April

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Adapting to the Pandemic: Finding Safe Outdoor Spaces in a Changed World

River Region Trails is working to increase the awareness of trails and trail development here in Central Alabama while also supporting the work of other trail development organizations. The Rails to Trails Conservancy’s mission is to develop a nationwide network of trails and to reimagine public spaces to create safe ways for everyone to walk,

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River Region Trails Releases Impact Report

River Region Trails is excited to release our Economic, Health, Environmental, and Transportation impact study! Over the past year our organization has been working with ALTA Planning + Design on a Master Plan for a connected trail network in the City of Montgomery. Alta Planning + Design is an active transportation company dedicated to creating

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Pop-Up Trail Coming to Cloverdale

A pop-up trail is coming to the Old Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery on October 8th! River Region Trails was awarded AARP’s 2021 Community Challenge Grant to create a pop-up pedestrian trail in Montgomery. The AARP Community Challenge grant program is intended to help communities make immediate improvements and jump-start long-term progress in support of residents

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Envision 2040

On July 7, the City of Montgomery adopted its first long-range strategic plan in more than 50 years. Called Envision 2040, this plan articulates a shared vision for the community to be realized through a variety of strategic recommendations. We are excited that Envision 2040 boldly calls out the development of a trail network as a distinct need

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is River Region Trails?
River Region Trails, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to developing a network of pedestrian greenways, trails, parks and outdoor resources in Montgomery and surrounding counties.
Where will the Trails start?
There will be multiple trailheads throughout the City. Our efforts will begin with trails in the beautiful Cypress Nature Park and connecting those to existing Riverfront Greenway.
Where will the Trails go next?
Eventually, we plan to connect points many areas throughout the city, for a continuous, safe network of trails to walk, hike and bike. Our plan includes trails stretching from west Montgomery, through downtown, and all the way to Pike Road, as well as segments in south and central Montgomery. The network will reach almost every neighborhood in the City.
Will there be any amenities besides the trails themselves?
Yes. We plan to build a dedicated nature center and boardwalk that will provide opportunities for schoolchildren and other visitors to learn about the park and its inhabitants.
Who are the trails designed for?
Everyone in Montgomery is invited to enjoy the trails, especially residents who need safe ways to get out and about to enjoy nature. The trails are designed to encourage recreation and safe transportation for all citizens. Visitors from across the region will be welcome too. The planned nature center will welcome those from all walks of life and interests—photographers, bird watchers, hikers, bikers, and nature lovers.
How can I help?
Glad you asked! You can help the Trails along by donating today, volunteering your time, becoming a sponsor, signing up for news updates, and spreading the word about the project.

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